Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Civilian Gun Trucks of Iraq

These are the vehicles used by the rent-a-soldiers of Iraq. Like Mad Max to the power of 10.
More photos at Flickr.

Thanks anti-factory

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Breezy said...

That thing wouldn’t last a MINUTE out there! There’s no armor to the vehicle itself... One round to the radiator the vehicle is useless and the crew is subject to heavy attack thereafter. The tires, easily destroyed.

When designing a gun-truck you have to consider all aspects... First the thing must move and remain mobile. Then you have to protect the crew. Then you have to have some sort of firepower... Which it looks like it has.

Nice concept, but nothing on the HMMWVs out there doing the job. Heck, I would prefer a HET with some armaments on board. :) Heh, I’ve even seen HEMMTTs modified to perform gun-truck tasks.

Nice post though. :)