Friday, February 02, 2007

BBC TV Downloads for Free World Wide?

In San Francisco BBC TV is available as part of a premium Cable package. Not all programmes are shown, and some of the best programmes are sold to ESPN or Discovery channels. So finding a favourite program can be a hassle.

Now the beeb has announced iPlayer to launch in the next few months:
"After downloading the service viewers will be shown a schedule displaying all the BBC's shows from the previous seven days. Once downloaded, viewers will be able to store the programmes for up to 30 days before watching them. After that they will be automatically deleted from the hard drive."
No word as to whether this is only for the UK, so I assume we'll be able to use it.

Now if only I could get Granada TV productions, I could watch Coronation Street. I heard that Annie Walker and Ken Barlow are still on the programme!

Thanks Autoblog The Gaurdian

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