Friday, May 04, 2007

Radial Engined Motorcyles

Some time ago, a coworker quizzed me about the existence of a radial engined motorcycle. I mentioned this 1922 German 640cc Megola from the Guggenheim "The Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit. The engine is inside the rim of the front wheel, and rotates with the wheel (technically, that would make it a rotary engine).

Now this week I've seen two new radial engined motorcycles on the web. Both use the same Australian made 2800cc 110 horsepower seven cylinder Rotec engine.

The first radial bike is credited to Jessie James. The bike does not appear to be ridable. There is no coherent design. And it's misshapen.

The second bike by JTL Cycles is more noteworthy. The engine is integrated into the design. The bike flows over and around the engine. Choppers are not my cup of tea, but this is beautiful. Read about it here.


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