Sunday, January 06, 2008

CushTop by Belkin

Lani needed a new lap desk for her Sony Vaio, and the CushTop was an excellent choice.
She wrote about it on her blog:

"I originally looked at lap desks at Levenger, Stacks & Stacks, and Amazon. Most of what I saw was flimsy, uncomfortable, too big or too expensive.

"I then decided to head out to the nearest major office supply store Sunday afternoon, which is Office Max on Arguello Boulevard in the Inner Richmond district. I went over to where laptop storage and cases were and found exactly what I wanted, Belkin's "cush pad" (as seen in photo).

"The cush pad is washable and made of microfiber. The gap in the center can accommodate a mouse and battery pack [or the laptop power supply]. Most importantly, it's a sturdy, straight surface where the cushion absorbs heat from the laptop. It is primarily designed for non-desk use such as a chair, couch or bed. For me, it's the couch. I bought the pad in chocolate.

"I paid about $32 (including tax) for the pad. Computer superstore places like PC Universe sell it considerably cheaper, but for me, I didn't want to wait....
I really like my cush pad..."

Photos from Amazon

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