Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MacBook Disappoints Not Suitable for Me Pleases Me

My new MacBook arrived Tuesday morning and I migrated all my files and
applications to it from my failing iMac. I used the Migration application and an Ethernet cable.

Then today I started using it... and then I noticed...
1) The display has a very narrow viewing angle.
2) The 13" display is small. I could only view one window at a time.
3) The bottom of the screen meets the keyboard at the hinge. I feel as
if my hands are blocking the screen.

If you're a notebook user you're probably wondering what I expected.
I expected a similar experience to using my iPhone.

The MacBook is beautifully made, just like my iPhone. But when I use my iPhone I get to hold it and touch the screen. It's a pleasant tactile interface.
With the MacBook I only get to touch the keys.

Perhaps if the MacBook was a tablet then I could enjoy it.


Update: 10/23/08
The display is much easier to read now that the sun has set and there are no annoying reflections on the screen. I'll try using the MacBook again tomorrow in the daylight. It's a good machine. I want to like it.

Update: 10/25/08
The MacBook has some tricks to get around the limitations of a 13" screen: Four fingers on the trackpad displays all windows. Two fingers scroll up/down and left/right.

The speakers aren't very loud, but the sound is good.

Update: 10/27/08
Click with two fingers on the scroll pad for a right mouse click. I'm starting to like the MacBook.

Update 3/26/09
I adore the MacBook. The lack of FireWire has not been a problem because the MB will boot from an external USB HDD, and I use my Canon SD1100is for video as well as still photography. The test will come this weekend when I use my Mini DV camera (I'll use my old iMac to load the video onto an external HDD, then edit it with the MB)

All in all, buying the MacBook was a good decision!

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