Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 San Francisco Motor Show

As usual, there was very little of interest at the SF Motor Show.

Chrysler had the best display of domestic cars:

They had the Dodge Sling Shot (four years after its American debut at the New York International Auto Show!) The Sling Shot is clearly based on the Smart Roadster, a car that is no longer made.

We also got the Chrysler ecoVoyager 4-door car that's just a concept ... a concept of what Chrysler thinks a modern Tatra would look like.

The electric Dodge EV would have been our first chance to see a Lotus Europa, but it was missing from the show.

In the exotic car area the lighting was low and the pickings were poor. We only got the run-of-the-mill exotics: Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche. Nothing you haven't seen before.

Over in the European section I was delighted to see the Audi R8.

One of the more interesting cars at the show was a car we won't ever get to drive, but if we've very very bad we might get to ride in. It is a unique purpose built police car with suicide rear doors! It's called the Carbon E7. It appears to be based on the Dodge 300.

The most surprising thing about this years show was the embarrassingly low number of attendees. See for yourself. I used a toy camcorder to record the empty aisles.

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Josh Tretakoff said...

I love the soundtrack to the video. Perfect for the post. Well done.