Sunday, January 18, 2009

1945-1949 Unrestored Willys CJ-2A

Only a few CJ1 and CJ2 (Civilain Jeep) models were made. But 214,202 CJ-2A's were produced for civilian use. This one was parked in Mill Valley yesterday.

The CJ is ~sixty years old and in remarkably good original unrestored condition. All the original equipment is in place, and even the seats look original. Only the wide wheels and tyres are out of place, and the front bumper/crosssmember is missing. I'd instal a front bumper because it appears to be a structural part of the frame, tying the frame rails together.

WWII didn't make it to my area of the South Pacific so I never saw any army surplus Jeeps. And in 1948 the first Landrovers were made, and they became our offroad vehicle of choice. I only saw Jeeps in the movies and on the tv series M*A*S*H. However, I've always liked these early Jeeps. I think they are one of the best American cars ever made: Simple, unadorned, small, and lightish.

Update March 7th, 2009:

Thanks Jim Allen

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Anonymous said...

I own a 1949 Willys jeep. Seems no one is interested in this 60 year old classic. Still has the flathead 4 engine and runs like a top.