Friday, February 06, 2009

Hillman Super Minx (1961-1966)

The Super Minx (and similar Humber Sceptre, and Singer Vogue) was a less common sight on the road than the Minx. The Super Minx was based on the Minx, but with a longer wheelbase, spacious interior and more modern styling. It was the type of car a working class retiree might aspire to own. There were individual front seats and a proper floor mounted gear shift. I liked the later versions of the car which had the six-light profile, 1725cc engine, wood dashboard, and other improvements.

Note the black rubber caps on the bumper over-riders. The year this feature became popular was the year I began to be interested in cars. Also note the hole in the front bumper for the optional crank handle.

The front view of the car shows the indicators mounted above the headlights. This was a styling element I did not understand: The placement and radius of the turn signal lens seemed wrong relative to the headlight. Then I saw this car for sale on Craigslist, and everything was explained. The car is a rare 1965 Sunbeam Venezia based on the Super Minx and made by Italian coach builder Touring, who thought well enough of this styling feature to reinterpret it for their own use (or did Hillman copy from Touring?).


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L D Man said...

My first car was a Super Minx:)
Cost me £80 and £80 to insure too:]
It was the original love bug for young lad in the early 70's:)
Fantastic car but a bugger to start at times.
No idea about such luxeries as a starting handle:]
One v. poor piccy remains:]!/photo.php?pid=352600&id=100000509943288