Thursday, May 07, 2009

Natali Del Conte Ruins 'Buzz Out Loud'

Buzz Out Load from CNET was my favourite daily consumer-technology podcast. Hosted by the smart and quick CNET staffers Tom Merritt, Rafe Needleman, Brian Cooley and Molly Wood. They had chemistry! Four quick thinkers in one room: What a treasure!

(Now here comes the hate)
But when you replace the marvelous Molly Wood with the sloth Natali Del Conte, then the chemistry becomes poisonous, and the show dissolves into limp conversation. It's like putting ketchup on sushi. It's like putting a speed governor on a Ferrari. NDC interjects at the wrong time. Her comments disrupt the flow of the programme. She is nervous and she has much to be nervous about. I don't mind her voice. I don't mind her putty face. It's her insistence on being treated as equal to the others that I object to. She's not up to snuff. She's no match for the others. She should just read the introduction to each discussion topic, then shutup until called upon again.
(End of hate)


Amsterdamned said...

I could not agree more, I miss full time Molly. Now I'm stuck with some dancing celebrity wannabe.

Sx said...

I still to this day think of how terrible she was for BOL. She was just so very illogical with her interpretations of what was occurring in the tech industry. She didn't understand "The Internet" and the way Internetters think and see the world. The best way I can explain it was that it was very much akin to having something like a god-fearing super conservative on an atheist science show, she was that out of touch (both with reality and her audience). said...

Awwwww. You reminded me how much I enjoyed BOL.
Brian Cooley, with his excellent CNET on Cars, is the only one left.