Friday, March 02, 2012

AirBeam Updated for iOS and OS X

AirBeam for the Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has just been updated. AirBeam lets you use an iPhone as a wireless webcam for video and sound.  In the past, all devices had to be on the same WiFi network.  Not anymore.

I have my old iPhone 3Gs running the AirBeam app as a webcam on my WiFi network, but I can watch the feed using the AirBeam app on my iPhone 4G from anywhere using 3G data service.

And you can watch the feed on a Mac running the OS X version of the app, or watch the feed on any computer browser.

There's no setup. It really is the easiest way to watch your cats while you're away from home.

Free for iOS devices.  $4 for OS X, but you don't really need it.


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