Saturday, May 27, 2006

Plans for the Transbay Terminal

The Transbay Terminal was built at the same time as the Bay Bridge (1930's) to handle the Key System streetcars that ran to the East Bay on the lower deck of the bridge. In 1959 the tracks were removed from the bridge and the streetcars replaced with buses, and the Transbay Terminal became a bus terminal.

Now, with the Financial District expanding south across Market Street, and the residential high-rises built around Rincon Hill in the last decade, the terminal location is a very desirable property for redevelopment. One plan calls for very tall residential buildings on the site, with terminals for MUNI, Golden Gate, SamTrans, AC Transit, and Greyhound. And a platform for the underground extension of CalTrains from 3rd and King, that could also be used by a future high speed SF-LA train.

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