Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SF Nike Missile Sites

I didn't know until today that there had been a Nike missile site on the hill behind where I live. Chilling!

These ground to air missiles from the 1950's were designed to carry conventional explosives, and protect us from the kind of aerial bombing that devastated Britain and Germany in WW2.

Missile site SF88L on the Marin Headlands was equipped with the Nike-Hercules missile which was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It was closed in 1974. It's been preserved and is open to the public on the first Sunday of the month, when you can watch a missile rotated out of its silo into the launch position. The military has never said whether Nike missile sites in the Bay Area had nuclear warheads.

Thanks Tam Valley Bike Club for the pictures
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Peter Reynolds said...

Correction: A guide at the Marin Headlands Nike site told me that the facility on Mt. Sutro was a missile tracking station and not a launch site as I stated.