Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Installing Camber Plates on a Mini

Installing the camber plates was almost as easy as I thought it would be:
1) Jack up the car and rest the body on axle stands so that both front wheels are off the ground (this will release all tension on the front sway bar).
2) Remove the wheel.
3) Disconnect the sway-bar, brake line and ABS wire from the shock.
4) Remove the lower bolt that secures the shock to the suspension.
5) Support the front suspension with the jack while you remove the 3 nuts from the shock tower.
6) Using the jack, lower the suspension, then 'wiggle' the shock free from the suspension.
7) With the shock on a work surface, attach the spring compressors.
8) Replace the bearing at the top of the strut with the bearing from the camber plate.
9) Bolt the camber plate to the top of the strut.
10) Reassemble

I left the camber adjustment in the middle position, which is probably about -1˚.
The final step will be a wheel alignment. I'll get 1/16 inch toe out and -1.5˚ camber.


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