Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lotus Elise at Bathurst

In the last third of the video the camera car is racing downhill through corners, making minced meat of the competition. Outstanding!

At my local race track, Sears Point Raceway, there's one long sweeping downhill corner. It's turn 6, also called the Carousal. My car has neutral handling. But point it downhill, and the weight transfers to the front wheels and the rear gets light causing the car to oversteer. To counter this problem, I enter turn 6 a bit slower than I need to, then accelerate hard and let the car drift all the way to the edge of the track before lining the car up for turn 7. This is not the quickest way around the Carousel, but it gives me more control of the car.

I'm impressed with the driving skill shown here in this long downhill section at Australia's famous Bathurst track.

Thanks Jalopnik

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