Monday, April 02, 2007

Ron DeVogel's FP Midget

This weekend was the first Regional of the 2007 race series of the SF Region of the SCCA. Conditions were good and the racing was superb.

The last race on Sunday was for ITS, ITA, ITB, ITC, FP, GP, and HP.
Ron DeVogel (a long time acquaintance of mine from the SF Autocenter in 1988) driving a 1275cc F-Production Midget was in second place behind an ITS RX7 on the first lap. The next lap was a full course yellow flag to remove a broken Fiat X1/9. On the next lap Ron was side by side with the Mazda going into turn 2. The Mazda came out ahead, but was then poorly positioned for turn 3. Ron overtook him in turn 3. On the next lap he lead by over 1 second. A few laps latter the gap widened to 3 seconds. And that's how it ended.


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