Monday, August 20, 2007

Beriev A-40 Albatross

The Russian Beriev A-40 is currently the worlds' largest amphibious aircraft. It was designed to access remote areas in the east of the Soviet Union, transport replacement maritime crews, search and rescue, and perform anti-submarine operations. In civilian service, variants of the A-40 have been used as an airliner, air tanker, and cargo carrier.

It made its' first water landing outside of Russia on the Waitemata harbour, Auckland, New Zealand in 1992.

Crew of 8
Dimensions :
Span : 41.62m (153.5ft)
Length : 43.8m (143.8ft)
Height : 11.0m (36.3ft)
Max. Takeoff Weight : 86,000kg (189595lb)

Power Plant : 2x 12025kgp (26,455lb static thrust) PERM Soliev D-30KPV turbofans
Performance :
max speed : 760km/h (472mph)
ceiling : 9,700m (31,825ft)
range w/max payload : 4100km (2547miles)


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