Sunday, September 16, 2007

New New Zealand Sports Car

Autoblog is reporting the new Hulme sports car will be delivered in 2008. As many as 25 cars will be built each year.

"Powered by BMW M5 V8 producing 550bhp, running through a six speed sequential gearbox, and weighs in at the curb with all bodily fluids topped up at a very slim 1175 kilograms. The body is a carbon fibre shell." -Gizmag

The car is named after Denny Hulme, who was F1 World Champion in 1967.

The styling is not to my taste. But then again, I'm not keen on the styling of the Enzo, Bugatti, or R8. I still think the best looking super car is the McLaren F1 (named after another NZer, Bruce McLaren).

Another name they might have considered for the car:
Amon (pronounced "aim-on")
Chris Amon won Le Mans in 1966, co-driving a Ford GT40. The next year he drove for the Ferrari F1 team. He drove for a succession of F1 teams, finally retiring in 1978.

I wish the Hulme builders the best of luck.

And if there's anyone thinking of making their own super car, please consider "Amon".

Update 5/26/10:
Hulme is now taking orders for the car. Twenty cars will be made, and will sell for ~US$700,000.

Update 8/8/11:
Now taking orders for delivery in mid 2012. Now with a GM V8 engine. Now I'm not interested.


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