Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to Steal from this Machine

If you don't recognize this vending machine then this tutorial may not make sense. So watch the "Pop machine Hack" video here.

1) put money in the machine and select a beverage
2) reach in through the hole where the drink will be dispensed and hold the flap firmly closed
3) the drink you selected will fall onto the conveyor belt. The conveyer will raise to the level of the dispensing hole and try to transport the drink through the flap. Keep the flap closed!
4) after about 5 seconds it stops and then tries a second time before giving up.
5) the machine assumes that because the flap didn't open, and you didn't get your drink. It refunds your money. Your drink is still sitting on the belt inside the machine.

Repeat steps 1) through 5) until you have 3 or 4 items on the belt.

6) put money in the machine and buy something
7) all the items on the belt will be dispensed!

This is illegal and lots of fun. I showed my coworkers how to do it, and now we're all wired on expensive energy drinks.

Thanks Justin Hazen and friends
Thanks Engadget
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