Saturday, September 16, 2006

Winkle Pickers

Two weeks ago at brunch put on by Lisa at her new home in Half Moon Bay, Chris shows up wearing Shovel-Tip shoes. I mentioned that they looked like Winkle Pickers with the toe squared off. I was met with quizzical looks of disbelieve. No one believed that was a real name for a shoe. So I looked it up on Wikipedia:

"Winkle Pickers are a style of shoe or boot worn from the 1950s onward by both certain male and female British rock and roll fans. The feature which gives both the boot and shoe their name is the very sharp and quite long pointed toe, reminiscent of medieval footwear. This pointed toe was called the winkle picker toe because, in England, winkles are eaten with a pin or pointed object to get the winkle out of the shell."

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