Friday, September 01, 2006

Twist and Crawl

Our cable connection enters our apartment through the dining room. That's about as far as physically possible from the TV. Rather than tack the cable along the edge of the floor, I decided to run it through the crawl space between the ceiling and roof. The 'attic' has just enough space for a human to crawl through on their belly. I climbed up through the narrow hatch in the closet and wiggled into the ceiling. Then on my elbows and knees I crawled towards the west end of our apartment The roof sloped down towards the wall where the cable was, and I almost gave up. But then I noticed light, and moving my head around a roof beam I could see the hole I'd drilled from the outside of the building. I was just able to reach the hole and push the cable through. I rolled on my back and rested for the long trip back.

It was quite an ordeal. I was covered in sweat and dirt when I came down. I peeled off my clothes and put them in a plastic bag, then took a shower.

Then I turn on the TV and the image starts to pixelate! I dread going back in the ceiling!

And today the cable modem cuts out, so I call Comcast. They discover the problem is in the basement, and not with my wiring in the ceiling! Everything is fixed. Cool.

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