Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Curved Couches

Back on August 11th I was bemoaning the lack of curved couches for San Francisco bay, bow, and barrel front windows. Then today I saw this beauty online: This is the Menlo Park sectional couch from American Leather. Each section is almost $3,000. This is more than we can afford, but it inspired me to look for something similar in our price range.

So I went Bellach's on the 500 block of 9th Street, and saw several affordable curved sectional couches. The one I like they call Monaco. It's a contemporary leather design that can be configured into semi-circle of 188"diameter. Too large for our 128" bay window, but I think I'm on the right track to finding what we need.


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Sue said...

Look at the "Luna" by Palliser. It comes in leather and an assortment of other color fabrics. Go to their website and you will find a local vendor to try it out for comfort, and then look at CSN stores on-line and compare the pricing. In addition they don't charge tax or shipping.
PS- I don't work for them, I am looking for a curved couch for a small space myself.