Sunday, November 05, 2006

He Loathes Fast Food

When I moved to the Inner Sunset 12 years ago, it seemed evident that the locals didn't like chain-stores. A BlockBuster video store and then a RiteAid were run-off. Pretty gutsy! However, the campaign against Burger King has not been won, and the fight continues.

I admit that people need reasonably priced food, videos and medication. And these chain stores would benefit my low income neighbors.

But I don't want these store here. It's not that I support the small business owner against the large corporations. It is that I don't want these giant stores turning my nice little neighborhood into a tacky strip-mall. Plastering their ugly corporate logos all over my Inner Sunset main street.

More Inner Sunset Murder King news from Harry S. Pariser at WhopperStomper.

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