Thursday, February 07, 2008

Strida Folding Bicycle

I saw one today on Market street. These bikes look odd in photos without a rider. But with a rider in place, the stark triangular frame looks good.

Areaware is the distributor for the Strida in the States.

19.4 lbs (9 kg)
16 inch wheels
7000 series aluminium
Disc Brakes
Single speed

On 2/8/08 Josh added:
"Years ago, The Sharper Image used to sell these. The ideal customer was one who had a boat and needed to get around town at different marinas, or was headed on vacation for a few weeks. While you would have thought the failure point would have been the frame, it held some pretty heavy folks. The only downside? The "chain:" made of a material that was strong and flexible, but would become more brittle with use and elements. And once it snapped...well, that Strida never rode again. The amount of returns and damage that the snapping caused was enough for TSI to end that experiment."


Anonymous said...

It uses a timing belt similar to a car camshaft drive ... in that harsh environment it does 50,000 miles ... which is alot for a bike. There are HUGE differences between that Mk1 and this Mk5 .. the following video (search Strida on You tube) shows the development.....

Strida Folding Bicycle said...

To experience the disk brakes Black, Skin Wall, Reflective Stripe Alloy, Cold Forged SS, Four Spider Cast Aluminum, Welded AL Mount Internal, Rear Hub Freewheel in your Strida Folding Bicycle