Sunday, March 30, 2008

Citroen Goddess

Seen today in Sausalito.

“DS” in French is pronounced “day-ess” (Déesse), which means “goddess”. - ArtOfDesign

There is too much design and engineering innovation in this car to mention here. So I'll just say that the Citroen DS is the best car ever. Not the best handling and accelerating car. But the best original combination of styling and engineering, and the biggest leap forward ever made in my lifetime. The DS does not take inspiration from any other car that came before it.

Image from Citroen advertisement

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Jon said...

Aw Pete - trying to make me feel bad for selling mine..!

The Cube is fun, but indeed has none of the authenticity of the D. Will certainly get one again - and probably a DS23 Break [the elongated boot model]