Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tyres Squeal When They're Happy

For most of the year I drive on R compound DOT tyres that have superb grip but almost no tread. So this winter I went shopping for rain tyres. My only requirements were that the tyres be cheap and good in standing water.

There were many brands to choose from, all priced around $150 each.
And then there was this tyre for $85 $75:

I wasn't expecting much from them in terms of grip on dry roads. I'm happy to be wrong about that! These tyres have very good cornering grip. The tread is thick, but it doesn't "squirm". The car is stable at the cornering limit. I'm impressed. And did I say they were only $85 $75 each?

Kumho Solus HP4
205 55 16 89h


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