Monday, March 10, 2008

Unmolested Mini 1000

This is what a typical Mini looked like in the early 1970's. Those special edition Mayfair/Ritz/Chelsea/Park Lane/Sprite/replica Cooper models came late in the production run (1959-2000).

I saw this one today in the Marina District of San Francisco.

-orange/red colour popular at the time
-square tail lights with no reversing lights
-no Austin or Morris badge. Just Mini 1000, pronounced "Mini Thou' "
-Leyland badges on both front wings
-no bumper over-riders
-no white roof
-no door window vents. Those were Australian.
-wind-up windows
-no door pockets
-instruments in the centre of the dash
-full width parcel tray in front of the driver and passenger
-vinyl seats with no head restraints

The only things out of place on this car are the trim-rings on the wheels, and the black instead of chrome mirrors. I don't remember those.

Update 4/27/2013:
And here's how the car looks five years later listed for sale on Craigslist:


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