Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Cars Collide

In California, when two cars collide, the drivers leave their vehicles where ever they come to rest until the police and tow trucks arrive. Sigh.

After a car accident it's either obvious or impossible to know who was at fault. So leaving the cars blocking the street is unnecessary. If you have a collision, collect your thoughts together and get your car off the road and out of the way.

Perhaps people really think the traffic police will perform a thorough investigation of the accident scene to find out who is to blame for the mishap? They won't. They'll just fill out an accident report for you to give to your insurance company. Just like the police do when a house is burgled, or a pocket is picked.

The California Department of Transportation must agree with me. They've been putting up these signs on Interstate 880.


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Lani Chin said...

In December 1995, a firefighter broadsided me at the intersection of Cabrillo and Park Presidio. I was a bit shaken up, but knew within seconds I didn't want to cause a traffic jam. I moved the car across the intersection.