Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Earthlink Mail Settings for iPhone

The last two days I've been confounded by an email problem: I could not send email from my iPhone using my Earthlink account.

The cause of the problem was quite simple: Earthlink has switched to password authentication for outgoing mail. This will stop miscreants from using your email account to send spam.

Change these settings on your iPhone: The outgoing mail server is now "", and Password authentication must be turned on.

So that solves that problem. Now Earthlink, how about allowing IMAP email?


Doc said...

Thank you! That helped me finally get my Mindspring account working on my iPhone.


Big H said...

i cannot tell you how i tried to get earthlink to work. even the techy at earthlink could not help. today i saw your post and the simple change to password authentication did the trick....oh happy day. you are the best

Peter Reynolds said...

Thank you for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I changed my password on
my mindspring (ie, earthlInk) account and it suddenly would not send. So, it is important to also change the password on the outgoing mail server (so you change the password in two locations on your iPhone). Yeah, problem solved!