Wednesday, November 23, 2005

GM vs Toyota

Our neighbors have left for Thanksgiving, and I'm looking after their car as I usually do when they're gone. They just bought a Corolla to replace their Saturn. The Saturn was ok, but the Corolla is so much more refined to drive. So, it's no surprise to me that GM is closing factories, while Toyota expands production.

BTW I'm a UAW autoworker, and I encourage you to buy whatever car you want! If you "Buy American" that only means the profit goes to an American company. I don't get all patriotic when I see that Ford made a profit, do you? You can buy a Toyota made in Canada, a Honda made in Ohio, or a VW made in Mexico. You'll get a great car. And instead of feeling good that you bought American, feel good that an autoworker has a job. Hey, Canadians and Mexicans need jobs too.

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