Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The R&B Chair

"How to construct Rietveld Furniture" came in yesterdays mail. To my surprise, I learnt that the chair has been made differently over the years. I've chosen to make the conventional red, blue and black version that we all love.

My first trip this morning was to Home Depot to price lumber and tools. The lumber is quite cheap. I'd estimate <$30. But then I also needed a square, plane, gauge, mitre box and saw. Then because the lumber was too long to fit in the Mini, I left without buying anything. I came home and thought about it. There's a cabinet maker around the corner on Lincoln Blvd. So I converted my metric measurements to inches for him, and he's cutting the wood (redwood) for $50. Joy! Now my work is reduced to little more than an IKEA project and painting.

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Peter Reynolds said...

The plans are now available for download as a .pdf file from the sidebar.