Monday, November 14, 2005

The Rietveld Chair is Assembled

I've been sitting in the chair today and I find it more comfortable than it looks. I'm 5'12" and 165 lbs. The chair fits me like a wooden glove. It has good thigh, back and arm support for me. But the space between the armrests will be too narrow for a lot of people. The next one I make will be 3" wider to accomodate the average American.
Now I need to putty the holes. Sand and prime. Sand and prime. Undercoat and sand. Paint Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, The chair look very nice. I would like to know if it was hard to make and what was the hardest part?

Peter Reynolds said...

The chair was fun to make, and there was nothing hard about it! Since the dimensions and colours of the chair have changed over the years, I took some liberties with the design: I used screws to hold the pieces together. I also cheated by having a Cabinet maker cut all the wood for me. I just had to finish the wood, screw it together, and paint it.
The hardest part was finding the correct colour paint.

Peter Reynolds said...

The plans are now available for download as a .pdf file from the sidebar.