Monday, November 21, 2005

SF Auto Show

SF doesn't get the prototypes or new car unveilings like LA, NY or Detroit, but you will be able to sit in almost any car you'd like to.

This year all the exotic and race cars have been herded into one area upstairs above Moscone South.

This was my favorite car, the Lotus Elise. It was hard to get into, but once seated there's enough room for my 6' frame and there's more foot space around the pedals than I'd been told.

On the other side of the hall was this lineup of old Loti:
That's a Lotus Cortina (British Ford) behind a lotus 23.

A Lotus 7.

And a Lotus Elan with a Lotus Europa behind it.

Click on the image for a QuickTime movie of the Lotus lineup.

A Citroen DS21. One of my favorites and the only French car in the show.

Joe Huffaker's SCCA GT4 class winning (rwd!) Mini.

In the South Hall was this beautiful Ford GT. I think the original GT40 in Gulf colours is the best looking car ever.

The new Jaguar XK looks good

Of the more practical cars I liked the Audi A3. The Volvos and Saabs were very nice, and the BMW 3 series has a good quality interior, but the A3 is smaller and wagon-like. I know hatchbacks don't sell, but I love a fun,fast,practical car!

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