Monday, January 29, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

In WW2 the Allies smashed the European fascists, except for General Franco in Spain. Franco was opposed by rebels and foreign volunteers with some limited Russian support. The short sighted policy of "My enemy's enemy is my friend" led the Allies not to support the communist rebels, and General Franco remained in power until 1975! This movie takes place in 1939/40 when Franco is firmly in control:

There are two main heroes in this movie:
Ofelia is a young girl whose stepfather is a ruthless captain in Franco's army. Her nightmares are feed by the horrors of the civil war. In her dream world Ofelia must solve a tortured, convoluted puzzle to set the world back in order.

This is mirrored in the real world by Mercedes, the Captains housekeeper, who risks her life to support the rebels.


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