Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rietveld Chair Plans

So far this month I've had five requests for the Rietveld Chair Plans. I know more people would ask if they'd found the post inviting them to email me. So I'll be working on the TreoughBlog template to make a "Downloads" area in the sidebar for the plans in a .pdf file format.

Thanks Robert Corkey for the photo


chris said...


Can you send me plans to build the Gerrit Rietveld chair. Thanks!

Peter Reynolds said...

The link to the R&B plans is in the sidebar under "PDF Downloads".

thiago said...

Hi, I´ve been trying to download the PDF files from the R&B chair but it is not working. Is it still available on this link? If not, do tou have a link for the drawings?
thank you!


Peter Reynolds said...

Thiago, the pdf download is working. Click on the words "Rietveld Chair Plans".
If you're still having no luck, email me at and I'll send you a copy.