Sunday, June 03, 2007

1965-1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC

I first noticed this car a few weeks ago in Sausalito. Today I asked the mechanic a few questions: He said it's a factory cabriolet with a 1570cc alloy twin-cam four-cylinder engine, all-round disc brakes, and is one of only 1000 built.

According to Motorbase, the Giulia GTC had a top speed in fifth gear of 112 mph with the top up.

The Giulia name comes from the 4 door Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlinetta on which the coupe and cabriolet are based.



IanF said...

This is a great looking car. I saw another one in, of all places, Bangkok, yesterday.


MichaelG said...

I know where there WAS a fully restored black w/tan top example sequestered away in Redding. That one was fitted with a 1750 w/stage 5 cams and a long(ish) 5th. It could stretch to about 130mph. Dropped 1 inch w/front and rear sways. It was a fun driver on 299w to Eureka!