Thursday, June 21, 2007

J-me Shoe Rack

When I was a boy our shoes were neatly left by the back door or stored in the bathroom/utility room next to the back door (1940's health and building codes didn't allow inside toilets in NZ). We didn't wear shoes inside beause we had wall-to-wall wool carpet.

In California we have hardwood floors and we store our shoes in the hallway closet and the bedroom closet. Between the two of us we have a lot of shoes. Especially Lani, who likes to keep here footwear in rotation. I'm more likely to wear the same shoes for a few days.

The problem for us is storing all these shoes. I've been assigned the job of finding an elegant solution.

The shoe racks we have and the shoe racks I've seen all have the same problems: They really only fit small dress shoes. We have lots of trail/running/gym shoes. The racks are just too small and poorly designed for these larger shoes.

Possible solution: The j-me shoe rack. $150 (gulp!) at DWR. If Target doesn't sell something like this for $10, then it would be an easy DIY project using timber. I think I would add felt to the shelf to protect the toe of the shoe from abrasion.

Thanks CribCandy

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