Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1974-1976 Alfetta GT 2000

The Alfetta GT was based on the Alfetta saloon, but with a shorter wheelbase and 2 door hatchback body. This is a federalised model, but it still manages to look handsome despite the bumpers and side lights. The similar GTV(1976-1987), and GTV6 are more common in California.

The rev' counter is directly in front of the driver. The other instruments are mounted high in the center of the dashboard. I remembered that the gearbox was mounted with the differential(transaxle?) at the back of the car, so I had to take a peek: Things to notice are a de Dion axle with a Watts linkage. Inboard disc brakes. And torsion bar front suspension.

This Alfetta has only 25,000 miles, and it's in good original condition.

It was cars such as this that stirred my boyhood imagination.


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