Monday, October 01, 2007

The Can Cooler

I want a gadget that does the opposite of a microwave oven: Put your food in it, and 60 seconds later, it's cold! I could refreeze ice cream. Get a nice cold glass of water. Make ice cubes in minutes!

But until my dream is realized, we have the Tinchilla (tin chiller), which claims to cool a standard beverage can in 60 seconds using thermal conduction. It does this by spinning the can in icy water. This is supposed to quickly bring the entire contents of the can into contact with the cold surface of the can. I wonder if it works?


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Dallas Rutabagas said...

According to Myth Busters, if you use a cooler half filled with water, ice, and table salt(the key ingredient) within five minutes the six pack will down to 35.9 degrees