Friday, October 26, 2007

WWII Gustav Gun

The design called for "a gun able to pierce a meter of steel, seven meters of concrete, or thirty meters of dense earth."

"... the entire machine stood 4 stories tall, 20 ft. wide and 140 ft. long. Moving, positioning, loading and maintaining this monster required a 500-man crew commanded by a major general.

"The Gustav's 800mm [approx. 2.6 feet] bore accepted two giant projectiles: a 10,584-pound high-explosive shell and a 16,540-pound concrete-piercing shell. ... the Gustav could strike targets up to 29 miles away." -Popular Mechanics

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Michelle said...

I was watching a program on the History Channel about 5 1/2 years ago, I had just gotten a kitten and was having trouble naming him. So while watching this program I heard the name, "Gustav". I thought, well that is original, "Gustav". So I named him Gustav. He went from being a tiny 2lb. kitten to be a 20lb. large cat. He is known around the neighborhood as a, "Battle Tank", willing to take on the biggest of challenges when it comes to a fight. I didn't know he'd take after his namesake so much,LOL.