Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Grover Door

The Grover door was popular in the 1950s. Sometimes they're on houses built in the 1950's, and sometimes they're on houses remodeled in the 195o's.

On Sunday I went hunting in our neighbourhood for a Grover door. I almost gave up and settled for these examples:

But then I found this double dose of Groverness. They're on a set of Victorian flats that were remodeled into 1950's starkness, and untouched since then. Not pretty, but a fitting example:

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Christiane Erwin said...

These photos are awesome! May we link to your website? We are building a resources section.

Incidentally, we were shocked when we realized that none of the mid-century door designs had names. We named the doors after the streets in our neighborhood. We live on Grover Ave ;-)

Brent Runyon said...

Thanks for posting. I found the Grover name in Atomic Ranch magazine and have noticed several examples around town. My org is restoring a 1950s house now with a Grover that is terribly rotten. A replacement quote was really high!