Monday, October 22, 2007

Mini Minus Front Anti-Roll Bar

My first drive with the front anti-roll bar disconnected was a positive experience:

In slow sharp corners (like the corners on an Auto X course) the car now rotates nicely. It's now very easy to get the rear of the Mini to 'hang out'. All it takes is to lift off the accelerator or tap the brakes mid corner.

In fast sweeping corners, the understeer is completely gone, replaced with controllable oversteer.

But all is not perfect:

The car leans harder in slow tight corners. That's to be expected, but it's a little unsettling because the car feels like it's wallowing on worn dampers. At 55,000 miles the dampers might need replacing.

And with the increased body roll, the front tyres are 'rolling over' more and wearing beyond the recommended mark on the sidewall (it was nice of Toyo to put that mark there). I can correct this with more negative camber.

Conclusion: A useful modification for Auto-X competition in the Stock classes, and for spirited street use. BUT, for safeties sake, keep your foot hard on the accelerator or else the back end of the car will swing around!

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