Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple Apps Day

I woke up early today. I'd downloaded the latest version of iTunes in
preparation for iPhone 2.0 and the 3rd party applications.

But iTunes was telling me that my 1.x software was still the latest
version. Okay. Maybe Apple wants new iPhone owners to try 2.0 first.
I'll just have to wait.

Now I'm listening to CNet's BuzzOutLoad in the car on the way to
work. Good things:
1) Lots of free apps to play with this weekend (if I can install 2.0
by then) !
2) (Please!) Somewhere in the Apps Store there has to be a video
recorder and a word processor that can cut-and-paste.
3) Ability to copy images from the web and emails.

Bad news: Applications won't run in the background.

I wish my iPhone experience could be as good as my Treo 650
experience, but obviously without the software conflicts and daily

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