Friday, July 18, 2008

Ron Arad's New Rover Chair

Ron Arad (1981) -Wright And Brian Franczyk Photograpy

I like car design. I like chair design.

One of my favourite cars is the 1963-1977 Rover 2000. When I first saw a Rover 2000 it was the seats that first attracted my attention. The Rover had beautifully shaped pleated leather buckets for all four occupants.

Ron Arad must have noticed this too, because he took the seats and made them into chairs.

(Note: I believe most Rovers P6's had cloth or vinyl upholstery, and even the rare leather seats only had leather on the sitting surfaces. Still beautiful.)

Now, just like the the new MINI/Fiat 500/ Jaguar XJ interprets the original Mini/Fiat 500/XJ6, Ron Arad has reinterpreted his original design.

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john said...

you mentioned in your blog your interest in ron arad rover chairs. I have two of them, not in mint condition, and would like to sell them. I was wondering if you knew of any potential buyers here in the Bay Area

Peter Reynolds said...

!Send some pictures and a price to