Monday, July 14, 2008

Free iPhone Apps that I Like

I'm delighted with the iPhone applications available through the iTunes Store. There is a good selection of free apps, and here are a few I'm raving about:

Epocrates Rx - (Lani works for Epocrates and loves her job) Lists drugs with images, interactions, and recommended doses etc. My doctor has been waiting for Epocrates Rx before buying an iPhone.

Jolt Jott - Transcribe your audio recordings! Audio to Text!

Pocket Express - News, sports, weather, etc. This was a pay service for the Treo. Free for the iPhone.

Remote - Controls iTunes over your WiFi connection. Very quick and works well.

Scribble - Draw on the screen in 4 colours, then save to Photos, from where you can email the drawing. Simple but useful. And perhaps an indicator of a future handwriting (or Graffiti) application.

NY Times - It works better as a native application.

Shazam - Amazing! This App records a few seconds of music, then tells you the name of the song, artist and album!!

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Anonymous said...

should be "jott" not "jolt"

- Transcribe your audio recordings! Audio to Text!