Friday, August 22, 2008

CB2 Store Open in San Francisco

Crate and Barrel has a great store at O'Farrell and Stockton. I find my way there every December to buy gifts or to buy dinning room essentials for us. I like to look down from the upper floors at shoppers across the street crowding the window displays at Macy's. Very Norman Rockwell. Even on the 24th of December this store is a civilized place to shop, and the Customer Service is superb. So how could Crate and Barrel be better? It could be less expensive. And so it is...

CB2, which up until now has only had an online presence, has opened a 8,000 square foot showroom on Ellis near Stockton in San Francisco.

SF Curbed doesn't care for CB2. Their headline was "Poor Design Whores Await CB2". I won't argue with them that much of CB2's stock is rubbish, but I think SF Curbed is holding CB2 to a high standard. Instead of comparing CB2 to DWR or Room And Board, they should compare it to IKEA. It's a place where you have to wade through the dregs to find the well designed and well made bargains. You have to be discerning to separate the wheat from the chaff at CB2 or IKEA. If you are not discerning, then you will be a "poor design whore".


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