Monday, February 27, 2006

1954 Vauxhall Velox

This car was featured in two movies I saw Saturday. "The World's Fastest Indian"(2005) and "Alfie"(1966). Not to mention a song by Billy Bragg, and two vicious murders!

I disliked this car because of its styling, but they sold quite well, and were popular used cars for older single men in NZ.

My dislike of the car seemed justified when, in a famous 1970 NZ murder case, the body of a young women hitchhiker was found near a river. She was last seen climbing into a Velox.

In another shocking murder case the same year a couple were murdered and their bodies weighed down in a river with the back axle of a Velox. The case was so shocking to the nation that the police took the unusual move of accounting for every Vauxhall Velox in the country! The movie "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" (1980) examines the botched investigation and trial. One of the many odd things that was never resolved in this case: The murder went undiscovered for 5 days, yet the couples baby was found in their home, health, happy, and well feed.

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