Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jensen Interceptor(1966-1976)

The Jensen Interceptor is not exotic, but they were quite expensive new, and are becoming rare. They are large conventional cars with Chrysler engines and 3-speed automatic transmissions which makes them more suited to long highway trips rather than fast drives on narrow winding roads.

The original hatchback version is a big handsome car. This convertible model came towards the end of the production run.

The Interceptor FF model is historically significant because it had mechanical anti-lock brakes and all-wheel drive.

In 1970, Kjell Qvale of San Francisco's British Motors (on Van Ness Avenue) took over ownership of Jensen.

Bristol is another British company that's used Chrysler engines to power its luxury barges. When Lani and I were in England in '03 I took this photo of a bare Bristol frame with what appears to be a V10 Viper engine. Notice the huge box section frame rails and the brake booster on the right side of the engine. Solid car.


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