Thursday, February 09, 2006


Shop carefully at Ikea and buy things that are well made and will last for years.

Here are my tips for shopping:
1) For me, shopping at Ikea is very stressful, so I go in the morning during the week when the crowds are small.
2) I don't buy wood veneer. It's easily damaged by normal wear and tear.
3) Their couches are generally not a good value.
4) Think hard before spending more than $50 for any item.
5) Be creative. Buy bed sheets to use as curtains. Colanders as lamp shades. Cutlery draws turned sideways as shelving for miniature object d'art.

I was looking for curtains and curtain rods for the bedroom and front room. They had exactly what I wanted, and I'll put them up tomorrow. I got lace curtains for privacy in the front room. And thicker curtains for the bedroom that promise to cut out light and sound. The old curtains are looking very sad.

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