Sunday, February 26, 2006

Treo Software

Here's some software I've tried recently:

First up is Opera Mini web browser for mobile devices.
Opera warns that the Palm version often forces a soft reset of the Treo. It is very fast, but crashes the Treo too often to be useful. Definitely worth trying on any non-palm phone.

Then Quick News aggregator from Stand Alone.
It's a news and podcast aggregator. Export your OPML file from iTunes, and download podcasts 'on the road'. Only $15.

Agendus which augments calendar/contacts/memos/tasks for the Palm. Lots of great features that would benefit a 'power user'. But I'll let my trial software expire because it would take me days to learn how to use it.

InfoMan from ArsLexis. A simple application for weather/movies/stocks. Expensive at $40 a year subscription. My free trial version expired months ago, but it still works!


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