Saturday, February 25, 2006

Seidio INNODock for Treo

Sometimes I full asleep listening to a podcast or streaming audio, and wake up with a flat battery. The Seido can charge the Treo while I listen through the cradle's standard 1/8 inch audio out socket. Other times I want to listen through my Tivoli radio. For these purposes it works fine, and it now has a permanent place on my nightstand.

But it has many shortcomings, and I can't recommend it for use as a primary docking cradle: Placing the Treo in the cradle is a bit fiddly, and removing it from the cradle takes both hands. It uses a USB cable for charging, which wouldn't normally be a problem, but I have the cradle in the bedroom. The audio-out socket needs to detect a certain impedance before it will work (I solved the problem with a 'splitter' and a second set of headphones).


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